The Facebook Messaging Bot for Hospitality.

Add the GuestUBot to your Facebook's page messenger to improve and personalize your Facebook messaging experience.

The Bot will reply on your behalf 24h/day offering suggestions, booking options and information to anyone who reaches you through your Facebook page.

Social Media Rating

Increase and improve your social media presence and rating by offering a unique and useful messaging tool that will generate buzz and business.

Direct Booking Channel

Both stays and suggestions can be bookable through the Bot to your staff directly, to your booking page, to your mobile app, to your partner or to the suggested establishment.

Experience Enhancer

For your guests, fans, followers and potential clients. Offer a great experience and show your innovative side.


Improve your social presence and performance, add an additional direct sales channel, offer a personalized unique experience and be there for your clients 24h/day.

Direct Booking

Increase direct bookings: convert traffic from your Facebook page into your own website 

Hotel Services

Guests can easily book your services such as room service, taxi, restaurant, spa, babysitting, laundry...

Tips & Suggestions

Offer tips and suggestions of the city with direct booking and location options.

Chat with Staff

Instantly connect your guests with your staff.

24h Availability

The Bot is powered by Artificial Intelligence so it’s always available and answers in real time

Social Media Performance

Increase your Social Media presence and response rating.

Real Time Feedback

Ask questions and get immediate feedback “How do you rate our Facebook experience?" Or "How do rate our website direct booking?"

Experience & Buzz

Be on top of the trend and generate buzz about your new Bot.

Save resources from your marketing department while providing very fast and accurate answers.

Valuable Resource

Microsoft CEO: Chatbots will ‘fundamentally revolutionize’ computing

So pretty much everyone today who is building applications whether they be mobile apps or desktop apps or websites will build bots as the new interface, where you have a human dialogue interface versus menus of the past,” - Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO


Select the pack that best fits your expected monthly interactions. You can easily change your plan as you get more and more users. 

Bot Setup & Customization, Integration with your Facebook Page, Stay & Services Booking Channel, City Suggestions, Premium Support.

Packs Include:

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